Amazing, Unforgettable and Pampered

When was the last time you were pampered for hours? Our Spa Day Package at our Tamarindo spa is like a “tasting menu for self indulgence”.  You will leave feeling as if you were in heaven for the day! You will be greeted at the spa by our highly trained massage therapists and can take in the beautiful views and relax in the lounge while selecting your treatments for the day. First choose from either an hour and a half massage or manicure and pedicure. Then select two additional treatments from the following options:


Body Wraps

Body Scrubs

Indonesian Soaking Tub

End your day soaking in the hydro-therapy tub and/or relaxing in the lounge area with spectacular views while enjoying a healthy gourmet lunch from our chef accompanied with wine.

Spa Days are offered twice daily. The Morning Spa Day starts at 9:30am and ends at 2:00pm. The Afternoon Spa Day begins at 1:00pm and ends at 5:30pm.

The Spa Day Package is available to outside clients with a reservation and includes transportation from the local area. Call 8850-4222 or 8850-4203 to make an appointment.

We only have 6 rooms to offer and our reputation keeps us quite full, so we advise you book well in advance.

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