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Perched high on a hill, somewhere between heaven and earth, is Los Altos de Eros Luxury Boutique Hotel and Spa. We promise that your wedding here will be a most memorable event.

Our 6 room Boutique Hotel is ideal for a very unique ‘Property Takeover Wedding’ whereby the only people on the property will be the bride, groom, friends and family, and a full time tenured staff of 18 to make the magic happen. Although Los Altos de Eros sleeps only 12 guests, we will help you make arrangements for the other wedding guests who are not staying at the property. We are comfortable with a maximum of 35 participants at your ceremony and reception dinner.

To qualify for a “Small Luxury Wedding”, all 6 of the hotel rooms must be reserved for a minimum of 4 nights, and room rates are not included in our wedding package estimates or quotations.

We know you will have lots of questions about your ‘Property Takeover Wedding’ at Los Altos de Eros Luxury Boutique Hotel and Spa. Keep in mind that ‘if you can imagine it, we can do it’. Can the Bride ride the beach on a white horse in her wedding gown? Yes!

Weddings in Costa Rica are globally valid when performed in accordance with Costa Rica law. This dictates that a specialized attorney (abogado/notario) be present at the ceremony to officiate and handle the necessary paperwork.

What's Included

This package includes everything for up to 12 guests. Larger groups can be accommodated.

We’re rated #1 on Tripadvisor for Top Small Hotels, Top Hotels for Romance, Top Luxury Hotels, Top Hotels for Service in Costa Rica and Central America.

We only have 6 rooms to offer and our reputation keeps us quite full, so we advise you book well in advance.

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