A Day In The Life At Los Altos de Eros Boutique Hotel: Paradise Found

Welcome to Los Altos de Eros, where your vacation dreams aren’t just met; they’re wildly exceeded, nestled in the heart of Costa Rica’s lush, vibrant wilderness. Here, we redefine what it means to unwind, blending the raw, unfiltered beauty of nature with the kind of luxe, personalized service that makes you feel both pampered and right at home. Our boutique hotel and spa is your ticket to an experience where every moment is crafted with intention, from serene mornings awakened by nature’s own symphony to evenings under a blanket of stars, dining with those who make life sweet. Here’s a glimpse into a day living the dream with us.

Morning Wake-Up Call: Nature’s Playlist

Forget your standard alarm clock; here, you’re waking up to a playlist curated by the local monkeys. It’s the kind of wake-up call that makes you want to actually get up. This is your cue to start the day, and what better way to greet the morning than with a steaming cup of locally sourced coffee on our canopy net bed with endless jungle and ocean views? It’s a moment to breathe, relax, and prepare for the experiences ahead.

Spa Time: The Glow-Up

After easing into the day, it’s time for the centerpiece of relaxation at Los Altos de Eros: a spa day designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Our spa sanctuary offers a triad of treatments that promise to transport you to a state of bliss. Begin your journey back to yourself with a massage that untangles every knot of tension in your body, delivered by hands that know just where you need it most. Follow this with a facial that makes your skin sing with hydration and vitality. The grand finale? An Indonesian soaking bath that feels like a hug from the warm earth itself. Each treatment is a note in the melody of relaxation that we compose specially for you. It’s the ultimate glow-up package.

Poolside Lunch

By now, you’re wrapped in a cocoon of relaxation, and it’s time for lunch by the pool. Our menu is a love letter to the local flavors and ingredients crafted by Chef Javier. The pool area, with its stunning views and serene atmosphere, provides the perfect backdrop. Whether you choose to take a dip or simply bask in the sun’s embrace, this is a moment to savor not just the food but the sheer joy of being.

Afternoon Adventure in Tamarindo!

Afternoon calls for a bit of adventure, and no stay is complete without venturing to the vibrant town of Tamarindo for a surf lesson. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or just looking to stand on a board for the first time, the experience is exhilarating.  At Los Altos de Eros, we’re all about making your trip to Tamarindo seamless and memorable. We’ll get you there and back, so you can soak up the best of the town’s lively atmosphere without a worry. 

Sunset Magic: Smoothies, Mojitos & Good Times

As the day starts to cool down, catch one of those mind-blowing sunsets at the beach with your choice of a mango smoothie or a classic mojito in hand. The beach, with its vibrant atmosphere and stunning views, provides the perfect setting to reflect on the day and relax. A spectacular show courtesy of nature, celebrated daily.

Dinner Under the Stars

The day’s adventures gently wind down, but one last highlight awaits. Hop on the shuttle back to Los Altos de Eros, where a private dinner on the Eros Suite patio has been arranged for you and your favorite person. Yes, it’s as fancy as it sounds, and it’s the perfect way to cap off a day spent in paradise. Great food, great company, and stars overhead? Check, check, and check.

Your Stay, Your Way

From the moment you wake up to the sound of monkeys to that last bite of dinner under the stars, we’re here to make every moment count. This day in the life is just a taste of what awaits; your adventure can be as unique as you are. Our team is dedicated to making your dreams a reality, with warmth, professionalism, and that special touch that makes Los Altos de Eros not just a place to stay but a place to come alive.

Welcome to your paradise. Welcome to Los Altos de Eros. Where every day is an opportunity to unwind, explore, and celebrate the art of living.