A Piece of Heaven in Guanacaste

A Piece of Heaven in Guanacaste: Luxurious Spa Day at Los Altos de Eros. 

Written by Joanna Blanco, originally published in Howler Magazine on December 31st, 2019.

There were early hints that my fantasies about a spa day in paradise would fall short of the reality awaiting at Los Altos de Eros. I was instantly captivated by the sense of seclusion and exclusivity, as if spirited thousands of miles away into remote natural immersion. Striding with barely contained excitement from my parked car into the inviting lobby entrance, it’s a wonder I ventured any further. I remained transfixed by the panoramic view: above and below where the lush tropical landscape and Pacific horizon meet the sky, and in every sidelong direction.

Otherwise, my first impressions came from the smiling and friendly interactions between the guests and staff members I encountered on arrival. At a table next to the open kitchen, breakfast was being enjoyed during an upbeat but relaxed conversation.

Blending in naturally with the air of laidback hospitality were the hotel’s co-owners Julia Ambrose and Andre Silva, whose warm welcome put me at ease in the manner of longtime friends. It set the stage comfortably for all the pampering yet to come, but with no urgency to hurry.

Lifestyle transformation

I learned that the young couple bought Los Altos de Eros in 2017, and took over its management from the original owners who had established the resort 12 years earlier. The radical lifestyle change that Julia, 28, and 36-year-old Andre underwent moving from bustling New York City to the tranquility of their current home on the hotel premises has proven beneficial for their health and peace of mind. Falling in love with the property and surrounding area made the transition easier. So did the dedicated team of workers wanting to stay on and help them learn the business. It meant paying attention to the details that set Los Altos de Eros apart from so many all-inclusive others in catering to the needs and preferences of its exclusively adult clientele.

The staff of 18 strives to ensure everyone enjoys every minute of their vacation, affirms the losaltosdeeros.com website. Culinary excellence showcasing fresh local ingredients is reflected in the chef’s innovative menu selections and the popularity of on-site cooking classes. Other amenities range from yoga, gym facilities and hiking trails to concierge service and complimentary transportation to Tamarindo and area beaches.

As a former tour operator, I was curious to see the hotel guest rooms, numbering just six in total. The four poolside rooms are compact and cozy, each with a small private terrace. I relished the notion of contentedly staying forever, never tiring of the incredible view stretching seemingly into eternity. My perspective took a more romantic turn touring one of the two suites. Elegant and exquisitely peaceful, with a huge bathroom, it would be all you need for a couple’s therapy getaway.

Heavenly bliss

Now what can I tell you about my spa experience? Neither my Spanish nor English vocabulary can adequately express such utter bliss. If Los Altos de Eros hotel lives up to its “heights of love” promise in either language, then the spa is a perfect piece of heaven. Past the eye-catching gift boutique and spacious lounge area are the spa’s five private but open-sided treatment rooms, each exposing spellbinding views.

Virtually guaranteed of emerging revitalized after three sensuously indescribable hours, your only hesitation might be choosing from the extensive à la carte menu of treatment options: from massages, baths and a mani-pedi combo to body wraps, scrubs and facials made from nourishing natural ingredients. Fortunately, I was able to splurge on the trio of treatments that clients can customize to create their own spa day package.

Mine started with an invigorating 90-minute full-body therapeutic massage, followed by a first-time indulgence I found irresistible — the Indonesian soaking tub. The spectacle of this floating fruit and flower oasis was as breathtaking as the mountain view outside. Mindfully present every lusciously scented moment of the 30-minute soak, I succumbed to a rare feeling of sublime self-reconnection. My final treatment was the special cucumber and lime facial, applied with a refreshingly stimulating but deeply relaxing therapeutic touch.

And that was not all. Enjoying a delicious gourmet lunch and glass of wine in the privacy of a small palapa — again from an incomparable lookout point — was the perfect spa day finale. In pleasant company, the other spa guests and I compared notes about the exquisite tastes of luxury we had just sampled.