A Sanctuary of Serenity: Embracing Wellness at Los Altos de Eros

Feeling like you want to hit pause on life’s hectic pace and just breathe? At Los Altos de Eros, hugged by the Costa Rican jungle, you can do just that. Here, the endless chatter of your daily grind is replaced by the tranquil sounds of nature, enhanced by the rhythmic patter of raindrops during our green season. This isn’t your typical getaway; it’s a journey into mindfulness, where the sole focus is to disconnect from noise, reconnect to your self and bring you closer to inner peace.

Morning Rituals at the Yoga Palapa

Kickstart your day in our yoga palapa, an open-air sanctuary designed for both meditation and yoga. Here, under the canopy of the jungle, you can stretch, bend, and breathe into your poses with an uninterrupted view of the sky peeking through the treetops. It’s a spot where beginners and yoga enthusiasts alike come to find their balance and recharge, with the only soundtrack being the sweet local bird songs and rustling of tropical leaves. For those seeking a guided experience, we have a private yoga teacher on call, ready to tailor a class to your needs, whether you’re looking to refine your practice or try something entirely new. Alternatively, you’re welcome to use the space to flow into your own practice and move at your own pace.

Chill Out on the Canopy Bed

For a different kind of relaxation, head over to our canopy bed. This isn’t just a novelty; it’s a place to let your thoughts drift away as you lie suspended above the jungle floor. Here, you can take a moment to pause, read a book, meditate or just enjoy the quiet. It’s the perfect spot to catch the vibrant hues of the morning sun as it rises, or to soak in the calming colors of the afternoon as the sun sets. And of course, it’s a photo worthy spot to flaunt when you get home and tell all your people what a great time you had.

Get Moving in Our Gym

Mindfulness doesn’t always have to be still. Our well equipped gym is perfect to get the blood flowing, heart racing and sweat going. The open-air palapa showcases the surrounding jungle, so your workout becomes more than just physical exercise. It encourages you to be present in each movement and breath, tuning out stress and tuning in to your body. A stay at Los Altos De Eros is all about peaceful and energizing morning routines with a side of deep appreciation for life.

Unwind at the Spa

Our spa is all about serenity. We’ve crafted each treatment to maximize relaxation and rejuvenation, integrating the natural tranquility of our surroundings. Whether you opt for a massage, a facial, or a body scrub, you are in for a relaxing treat. Our experienced therapists not only have a refined skill set but also an innate ability to tune into your individual needs, making every session uniquely effective. Not to mention the soft echo of rain during the green season adds a soothing rhythm to your spa experience, encouraging a deeper sense of calm.

Every Corner Speaks to Mindfulness and Nature

At Los Altos de Eros, mindfulness extends beyond specific activities. It’s in the simple moments like enjoying a quiet cup of coffee on your balcony soaking in the morning sun rays, or finding a secluded spot in our gardens to sit back and enjoy a bite. We’ve designed our spaces to blend with nature so guests can experience the essence of Costa Rica, from the food we serve to the paths that wind through the property.

Adventure and Connection

While you’re here at Los Altos de Eros, take some time to check out the local scene during the green season. Head over to the nearby waterfalls for a chill day surrounded by nature—perfect for unwinding and maybe snapping a few photos. If you’re into surfing, or even just curious about it, hit the local beaches where the waves are friendly to both beginners and pros. And for a truly laid-back experience, visit the hot springs. Just sit back, relax, and let the warm, soothing waters melt away any stress. These activities are great ways to mix up your stay and really get a feel for the lush landscape and vibrant local culture.

Los Altos de Eros isn’t just a retreat—it’s a place where you can genuinely disconnect to reconnect with yourself. Whether it’s through a quiet meditation under the yoga palapa, a reflective moment on the canopy bed, a vigorous workout in our gym, or a soothing spa day, you’ll find a space here that resonates with your need for peace and mindfulness. So come unwind with us, where every day is a chance to breathe a little deeper, smile a little brighter, and live a little fuller.