The Costa Rica Seasons: What to expect on your travel dates.

Costa Rica seasons vary depending on the time of year and location.  So, it’s crucial to take these into consideration when planning a trip.  The country has two main seasons, the golden or dry season and the green season.

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Costa Rica Seasons at Los Altos de Eros

Located in the province of Guanacaste, Los Altos de Eros enjoys wonderful weather all year long. It is the driest area of the country, so, there is no shortage of sunshine.  However, each season provides a unique experience for the traveler.

Green Season (May-November)

As mentioned, Los Altos de Eros is located in the dryest area of the country.  So, even though the green season brings some rainfall, the sun comes out everyday.  The season runs approximately from May to mid November, with an “Indian summer” or “veranillo” in July.  At Los Altos de Eros, the traveler can expect warm weather with transitory rainshowers ussually in the afternoon or evening.

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Green season is a beautiful time to visit Los Altos de Eros.  Flora and fauna thrive in the lush, green landscapes of the tropical jungle surrounding the property.  Plus, the foliage keeps the temperature cool and pleasant.

costa rica seasons

The sunny mornings are a great time to lounge in the sun or explore the area.  The pristine, uncrowded beaches are a true paradise.  Then, the afternoon rain showers create a romantic atmosphere that’s ideal for a massage in the spa or a relaxing “siesta”.

costa rica seasons

Golden Season (December-April)

The golden or dry season runs from December through April and is characterized as being warm and sunny.  As the cold winter months intensify in many areas of the world, Costa Rica becomes an endless summer.  Therefore, it is no surprise that it’s the most popular time to visit the country.  Travelers flee the cold to warm their bones and soak up the sunshine.

The golden season is an attractive time to visit Los Altos de Eros.  Hence, it’s important to make reservations way in advance as rooms fill up fast.  Christmas and New Years week are especially popular for friends and family property takeovers.

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