Reimagined Yoga Retreats In Costa Rica

Reimagined Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica: Your Perfect Escape

Written by Nikki Durling, originally published in Howler Magazine on January 1st, 2020.

New year, new you? Imagine spending your days doing yoga in the mountains of Costa Rica, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The only noise you hear, besides your pranayama, are the howler monkeys, birds and other wild rainforest animals. You can experience this and more at Los Altos de Eros (LADE). This luxury boutique hotel is nestled on top of a mountain, just 15 minutes from Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

That Los Altos de Eros is in a class of its own is apparent everywhere. The architectural mix of interconnected open-air spaces and more intimate private enclosures enables calmness and serenity to prevail in every corner. The recently transformed yoga terrace is a prime example. Besides being an ideal yoga retreat venue for groups, it was conceived by hotel co-owner Julia Ambrose — a certified yoga teacher herself — as a sacred place for hotel guests wanting to practice on their own.

Julia has partnered with her mentor, well-known local yoga trainer Hali Love, to provide some of the best yoga retreat options in Costa Rica. The experience is about more than just yoga. The LADE retreats are designed to attain a balance between body, mind and soul. They supply you with a yoga workbook, meditation classes and daily meetings to help implement what you learn during the yoga retreat and make it an active practice when you return home.

This is just the start of what you can expect during your stay at Los Altos de Eros. Each yoga retreat is completely customizable and tuned into your own needs. From weight loss and personal healing to surfing and even cooking classes, LADE has it all. Add in their award-winning spa and you may have just found a piece of heaven in Costa Rica. All packages include accommodations and all meals. And while you may never want to leave the property, outside activities like ziplining and sailing can be arranged as well.

Los Altos de Eros also offers yoga teachers or studios to take over the hotel and host their own retreats and classes. This amazing opportunity is not solely for yoga, nor is it only for tourists or hotel guests. Anyone can rent out the hotel for any occasion.

Make your search for a yoga retreat in Costa Rica simple. Book it through Los Altos de Eros and let your mind begin to relax right away. Find your inner pura vida.