Boutique hotel vrs. Large Resort: choose wisely

When choosing a hotel for your next getaway, you may want to avoid large chain resorts.  Instead, opt for a boutique hotel and enjoy the countless benefits such as exclusive style, individualized attention, great prices and a one of a kind experience.

Boutique hotel style

A boutique hotel defines it’s style through characteristic architecture, art and decor.  The attention to detail available to a small hotel generates a specific ambiance that is often missed by it’s larger counterparts.  For example, Los Altos de Eros aims to create a romantic atmosphere throughout the property.  By blending the tropical surroundings with exotic artwork and decorative pieces, one is transported to a lover’s paradise.

boutique hotel- decor

Personalized attention

Smaller sized hotels offer individualized service that cannot be matched at a chain resort.  At Los Altos de Eros, resources go into providing a memorable experience for every client.  For instance, the chef will prepare a cake from scratch for guests celebrating their birthday.  She can even make it gluten free if desired!  Catering of this kind is possible because of the service oriented atmosphere of a small luxury hotel.

boutique hotel-service


A boutique hotel generally offers more amenities for a lower cost when compared to a large resort.  In addition, the services at a small hotel are usually of higher quality.  Think of “breakfast included”, for example.  Instead of a crowded breakfast buffet, you’ll enjoy a peaceful dining area serving chef prepared dishes every morning.   At Los Altos de Eros guests enjoy all kinds of particular amenities such as free Cuban cigars, laundry and ironing service and even freshly baked cookies!

boutique hotel- amenities

A one of a kind experience

A boutique hotel is designed to make guests feel at home while receiving celebrity like treatment.  As a result, clients enjoy tailored hospitality and privacy.  The range of unique experiences that a small hotel can offer are unattainable to large resorts. On one occasion at Los Altos de Eros, a group of guests took an all day fishing trip. Upon their return, the chef and kitchen staff prepared their fresh catch into a gourmet dinner while the guests received spa treatments.  These kinds of spontaneous situations can only happen with the exceptional attention offered at a small hotel.

boutique hotel- experience